We are a recognised leader in the manufacturer of nano and sub micron advanced materials

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The development of these products occurred over 25 years in conjunction with CSIRO (Australia’s leading research organisation) and Australian universities. This extensive R&D has produced a range of commercially available additives/intermediates including:

  • Ultrafine powders - nano zinc oxide, zinc monoglycerolate and sodium benzoate
  • Liquid suspensions - nano zinc oxide dispersed in water and cosmetic oils and nano titanium dioxide dispersed in cosmetic oils

Micronisers head office is based at Dandenong, Victoria, Australia.

The latest news


Our new website

Micronisers are pleased to bring you our new and improved website. After a few month of hard behind the scenes work, we are striving to bring you a better experience online. 

Commercial areas of focus

While there are many new products in development, Micronisers commercial areas of focus are UV actives for sunscreen & personal care, performance additives for paints and water borne coatings, performance additives for plastics, industrial paints and agricultural micronutrients.

A partner you can trust

Micronisers also has many years of experience and extensive knowledge in milling services and can provide customers with narrow particle size distributions in the micron and sub-micron range for powders and dispersions. This service is provided to many industries including Pharmaceutical - active intermediates (TGA licence), Veterinary - active intermediates (APVMA licence), Food and nutritional supplements, Cosmetics and personal care products, Dairy, Agriculture and Industrial chemicals.

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