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Nanotechnology is the controlled manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale to produce quantum mechanical effects that are not present in larger matter.  One nanometer (nm) is one billionth, 0.000000001 or 10−9, of a meter. To put that scale in another context, the comparative size of a nanometer to a meter is the same as that of a marble to the size of the earth.

The most important requirement for the nanotechnology definition is that the nano-structure has novel properties that are exclusively due to its nanoscale proportions.

Milling Technology

Micronisers over the past 25 years has acquired and developed an extensive range of advanced milling processes for particle size reduction. The extensive range of equipment and knowledge enables Micronisers to handle a wide range of materials including highly crystalline to fibrous materials. Particle size can be controlled from sub-micron to micron ranges. We have extensive knowledge and experience in handling both small and large commercial volumes and can tailor solutions to our customer needs and expectations.

Dispersion Technology

As part of our research into production of nano zinc oxide, Micronisers has developed an extensive knowledge in surface modification and stabilisation of the heterogeneous liquid suspension systems. Using a combination of advanced surface chemistry and mechanical milling technology, we are able to create stable sub-micron and micron based suspensions. Micronisers also can provide laboratory services for the development of dispersions. We have capability to handle both small and large commercial volumes.